Butter Girl

Masked healers call a mental
Dissociation with the world, all
Of the hurt has amalgamated into
Physical form and the grass under my

Feet feels like concrete, feels like concrete,
Did I repeat myself? I can’t tell if the voice
In my head is still in my throat, so much
Ridicule and boats moored on the ocean


Are spaceships, why aren’t there stars’ in
The sea? In the sea, I see reflections of
Jupiter and Mars. We can’t breathe in outer
Space, stop playing these games monopoly


And scrabble, I am already scrabbled and
Block letters knock my knees, no wait, that’s
The gate. It’s seldom open, often closed, and
Mom and dad told me they lost the magic key,

Freedom of speech echoes on the radio like
Words in my mind, my mind, my mind. Butterflies
Scare me with wide wings and tiny eyes, like unwanted
Spectacles, I wear unwanted spectacles, I had
Perfection, once, or twice but I lost it,
Like the butterfly lost her spectacles.


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