She searched the years for infinity

Never suspected to find it with he,

A mad, mad, man

With an assortment of hats,

His smile like that of a Cherise cats,

But how broken life had made this

Place, a ruling queen,

A real disgrace.

White rabbits hung by their feet,

Warriors marched to a beat,

She’d never witnessed

Such deceit.

Time ran different there,

Whispers clung in the air,

People-they just

Didn’t care,

She had to sell her golden hair,

For potions big and small

And rare.

She deemed herself a crazy girl,

To find such a wondrous world,

Still wearing her,

Mothers pearls,

Reminders of reality,

She swum oceans,

Crossed the seas,

And found the Hatter by the beach,

He looked just like her father had,

A mad, mad person,

A loving man,

He reached out to hold her hand,

His skin smooth as crystal glass,

She couldn’t bring,

Herself to ask,

When goodbye would be said,

She’d searched so, so long she’d bred,

Dreams and adventures,

All children’s play.

She knew that she could not stay,

But the Hatter could not go,

Locked in,

The rabbits burrow,

But she

She had a


She’d take him with her if,

She could,

Erase the badness with,

The good,

Of morning breakfast,

Radio play,

Theatre performances and

All things baked,

Shackles rattle around his wrists,

His brilliant mind,

Left in bits,

Apologies on her lips,

Like butterflies,

Sway and dip,

In the distance a travelling ship,

“Up, up and away,

I’ll see you


But Alas,

They never did.


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