I allowed myself to forget the rest,
Allow happiness to take place in the
Seat of my home, mend my brittle
Bones by warmth and jokes and
Forget about the cold for a while,


Smile in the radiance of everything
Play songs on the radio and sing
The notes with a renewed fervor
For life and simply watch the strife
Disappear from the doorstep of this


Place. I don’t race to find opportunities
And maybe there’s something wrong
With me, actually there is, I know, but
I chose to let go rather than let the weight
Of the world drag me back to hell, I’ve paid


My dues, I’ve of the tell tales signs of the
Devil and they’re nothing new, nothing
I haven’t seen reflected in the mirror a
Thousand times, I’ve grown horns and
Found myself enveloped in fiery red,
But for now I stop. Just stop. And watch
The fire for a while.


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