Deep End

Fuck this. Fuck them, fuck you and
Fuck me for even giving a shit in the
First place, trophies never earned me
Anything and strumming strings on


Violins doesn’t eliminate anything,
THIS is hard, not the right now but
The every now, the towering complexity
Of sanity and we’re supposed to have it


All figured out and after years of wading
Through questions and such density,
I’m in a city, with lights and cars and bars
And fucking happiness is parked somewhere
By a bridge. It’s thinking about it again, the


Nothingness, the pen, the stories and the
End and I thought feelings got better over
Time, ring the doctor cause I can’t find mine,
Sometimes I wish that I would die because
Sleep isn’t always a break, and for fucks
Sake. Just turn off the alarm.


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