Strong and unwavering, yetspectrum poster

Softly spoken, a token of peace
And substance of power, towers
Reach for the skies radiating the
Mask of your disguise, flower petals

Raining from the heaven in your
Dulcet tones, the bones of our
Forefathers wrapped in silken robes,
Royalty at its finest, your highest

Point in history splashed across the
Pages, mystery dropped inside your
Tight hold, warm and motherly, the
Mould of a nation of carers, ivory

Webs spread across your holding,
Mother earth and hair dye, the
Life of a diver surrounded by scales
Of sea creatures and wine, poisons

And life all balanced precariously
Trapped in your murky depths,
Vibrant and unforgiving, yet alive,
Noticeable in the storms, but

Wanes on the power of thunder,
The perfect background for high
Tide and low rise buildings bruise
The sky, from lead, to lens and stained

Glassed houses your profoundness stands
Amongst it all, tall and wide, binding
Laces and amethyst, reveling in the
Projection of your voice, the noise,

Glittering like quartz.



Forgotten and left to lie amongstspectrum poster
The patches of green in the garden,
Your calming influence radiates over
All else who grow, tinting the skies

When snowfall is on the horizon,
Peeping through the different
Time zones rising in early morning
Your call to collect is echoed by

The sound of alarms, harvest time
At the farms and wrapping of
Favoured chocolate bars, the
Tone of peace and lavender,

Soothing the soul, flirting with
Secrets yet to be told, ensconced
On the tip top of a rainbow,
Subtle but treasured all the same

Scooping loneliness in a soothing
Embrace, there is no race, even
Paced steps, and reflection of
Sunlight, bathing bird feathers,

Beautiful sights to behold, the
Smell of old and ancient things,
Amethyst set in rings and stones,
Threads wrapping around our bones

Under skins neatly set folds, water
Lapping by the lily pads, the after
Tone of the sadness set in the heart,
Glimmering lightly in the dark, leaving

A softly kissed mark, the colour of home.


Dripping in mourning timespectrum poster
The last encounter in life,
Waves wash remnants away,
The denial of adoration, fate’s

Blue strings hanging limply in
Hands, the absence of bodies
And empty seats, the covers
Of children and tax receipts,

The ebb and flow of reality,
Responsibility thrown onto
The laps of the young, the
Last words sung by the coffins

Side, the slide and slip of right
Into wrong, the endless storm
And the heavens tear of joy
And sadness, mixed together

Until it is not recognised, wide
Eyes, of a common kind, finding
Trust in a hit and run on the open
Road, leaving home, losing hope

To the waves of the ocean,
Commotion in the middle of the
Calm, last rights and soft psalms
Bluebells and the last dance,

Music from main street and
Empty prams, little dogs found
Abandoned in the cold, cool,
Collected, the stories of old,

Facing the world, all alone.


The skin of the earth weavedspectrum poster
Between natures lungs, sprinkled
With dew and fresh beginnings,
Fawns finding their feet and

Meaning among the herd, the
Songs of birds floating through
The air, reality’s stairs from the
The essence of its existence,

Covering the distance of hundreds
Of miles, worldwide, the colour
Flecked in eyes almost like an
After thought, a woods wrought

With unknown creatures and magical
Beings, the most unpleasant and
Snide of feelings, narrowed glances
And backlashes, sins of man and

Design of God, leaping frog’s over
Silent rivers tinged with its tone
The feeling of natural growth,
Swinging vines and collapsed

Homes, dens of foxes and woodland
Forms, hanging invitations at their
Doors, the crippled forests all laid
Bare and screaming for retribution,

The execution of man, the essence
Of plants and flower buds, alligators
And their sons playing in the earthen
Mud, the relaxation of the wild, the

Taming of endless kinds of flora and
Faun, and the lightness they’ve brought
To the plains, the tempo of Earth,
The unbridled change.


A brightness that cannot bespectrum poster
Seen crossing thresholds of
The galaxy in the vision of
Stars, the headlights on the

Hundred cars on the highway,
The colour of sunflowers in
The spring, the light in everything,
Swinging above heads in stores

And shops, the intensity of which
Makes us stop and ponder in
Curiosity, it impeaches our ability
To see, for split seconds, still,

An eternity passes in the blink
Of an eye, the essence of Christmas
Lights and candle flame, bold and
Memorable, the very nature of its

Name spoken slowly, like a lullaby,
Brings warmth and adventure to
The bone an awareness in the face
Of its tone, in fireflies and aging

Bones, bitterness in lemons and
Tailored clothes, the length towards
Lead and little canaries perched on
End, overlooking playgrounds and

Buses parked round the end,
The ivory tusks of elephants, the
Tone and texture of the soul,
Nestled amongst the blocks of

Coal raging to life, the wedding
Ring, husband and wife, the golden
Thread, the pocket watch of ticking
Time, the decorative bell jar, the

Long lasting chime of its notes.


Old endings and new beginningsspectrum poster
Rolled continuously into one,
Possibility’s and adventure, days
Spent under the sun at waters

Edge, the pledge for better, to
Better times, light bulbs and laugh
Lines, flowers blooming in the snow
The feeling of safety, of secrets

Known, shared between a person
Of the same shade, where nothing
Ever has to change and the moment
Is long, no matter the location a

Presence of belonging settled on
The shoulders of those long from
Home, the sound waves from the
Phone and the voices on the other

Side, stretched smiles and endless
Pride, a mirror painted across the
Clouds, soft and warm from sun up,
To sun down, stopping you in your

Tracks with the impossible task
Of surmounting to such a thing,
The signal for when nature sings
And the sounds heard echoed

Throughout the lands, a tender
Touch, joined hands, mapping
Out new-born plans, the tone
That forgives mistakes, that makes

You question your place and all the
While breaks monotony and suspends
Everything in the finality of the rays
The beauty and message to be taken

Away, a cherished hug and memorable
Way of letting closed wings fly to reach

Up towards the glowing sky


Locked and loaded in these spectrum poster
Veins, the result of pain and
Fear, deer’s caught in headlights
And the jagged sun, flashes of

Crimson while we run for our
Lives, caught in the fight waves
Of it flow over our minds, and
Terrorize the small parts of our

Souls, the places we are taught
Never to go, loud and daunting
A broken nose, warning bells
And machines communicating

Error in tones and bleeps, the
Transcendence between sleep
And nightmares, where holding
On and not giving cares are skewed,

The tone of the news, explosions,
And war, the colour of unopened
Doors, pools filling deep with
Death and despair, playing with

Hair and breathless laughter,
Heart beat and princess plasters,
Roses and declarations of love,
Strong and dominant, painting

Doves with letters and the flesh
Of a new born child, ladybirds
And butterflies, old telephones
And final goodbyes.