Two halves make a monster

God left my legs at the starting line so I’d have to crawl through life, mud stained and without time to reach the knife

-I’d stab him in the back if he hadn’t already mutilated mine-

Ive seen so much horror I should be blind, felt so much pain i should be numb, breathed so little life

-I am done-

half lives mean nothing to me, throw me into the sea of creation, cook me another story or end me in a wave of glory, I will no longer be the culmination of disease, put the bullet in the chamber and end it please,

I wont beg for a repreve but don’t expect mercy when you find me, follow the trail of blood, your blood, look upon your daughters, your sons, look upon your failures and run

while you have legs because you won’t when I come


Heirlooms and doom

Our world has been divided
By wolves and hyenas
the ill reared and
prosperous speakers

We wolves are strong
a reserved silence
We see through fog
And harbor likeness
To the warriors of old

Hyenas are jokes

They laugh and snort
And scream and wail
Tell stories asunder
And revel in tales
Of how indestructible
they are

They are not

We wolves are kind
And let them live
For its murder if
You kill a thing
No matter how justified

The hyenas continue
So unaware
That we judge from the
Beginning: worthy heirs