I allowed myself to forget the rest,
Allow happiness to take place in the
Seat of my home, mend my brittle
Bones by warmth and jokes and
Forget about the cold for a while,


Smile in the radiance of everything
Play songs on the radio and sing
The notes with a renewed fervor
For life and simply watch the strife
Disappear from the doorstep of this


Place. I don’t race to find opportunities
And maybe there’s something wrong
With me, actually there is, I know, but
I chose to let go rather than let the weight
Of the world drag me back to hell, I’ve paid


My dues, I’ve of the tell tales signs of the
Devil and they’re nothing new, nothing
I haven’t seen reflected in the mirror a
Thousand times, I’ve grown horns and
Found myself enveloped in fiery red,
But for now I stop. Just stop. And watch
The fire for a while.



I don’t know what this is.
Clenched bliss in my fingertips
I have never heard your sing song
Voice, am I the one to make this choice,


The crossing of boundaries to this extent,
My lament has quietened since the first
Laugh, your curious bones stilled my hand
Though we cannot touch through words alone


I feel you with me, I’m not so alone, but I don’t
Know what this is, exciting, exhilarating, water
Brims and the scales are even, goodnight texts,
Good mornings breathed soundlessly through
Space and time, the beat is off, I feel I can fly





To the free spirit, I am sorry,
You dance through life and
Laughter falls easily on your
Lips, my lips are caked with

Blood, the dried laughter of
My soul, I am spiteful to you
Pirate man, you see the same
Islands in people I do but you

Are unafraid to moor, and I have
Clipped words and uninviting tones,
I do not allow strangers into my home,
These structures are weak and you brim

With joy, I am afraid of you and your
Happiness but more than this, you are
A reflection of who I could have been
Should circumstances and circumference

Mean the same thing, you sing outside in
The realm of life, I’m sorry I ever brandished
My knife for if I die in the last crescendo of
Bird song, I just ask you at least keep the
Magic alive for kindred spirits to recognise
There is much more depth to life than lies.

Lady Marina

I put pleas in poetry
Hoping someone will
Rescue me, there are no
Sailboats on the horizon and

The shoreline is still the same,
I’m going insane, trapped out on
An island alone, waving a white flag
Of surrender, I get it, I’m irrelevant,

The world has 7 billion other people
To worry about and there aren’t enough
Row boats for every single one, but just
Once turn on the lighthouse candle and let

Me see an end to this darkness, it stretches
For miles and I’d think I was blind if not for
Speckles of stars in the sky, but they’re too
High. Unreachable. And I’m a little wave in

A large ocean of life and sometimes I forget
When there’s a still and this place grows quiet,
And I grow old, and now an old women stares
Back at me with eyes of youth and the soul of
The sea.


They opened the door.
Chains rattled and clanked
Terrified, I don’t know what for
Sunlight grazing wooden floors
Paralyzed like an infant child
Watching with saucer eyes
The pressure finally subsides
And I see trees

Just trees. Fluttering in the
Breeze. Butterflies. I take my
Time, crawl hands and knees
And wait. Demise and Life on
Alternating sides I’ve only known
One and surprise is not the visitor
Late at night. It’s fear. Fear that
They finally opened up that door
And the world beyond is an alien
Thing, I’d rather be back at the brink
Of never being free. Then be
Overwhelmed with possibilities

I was done. Counting hours and marking
Days, convincing myself I’d run far away
To a castle, this castle is a tower and I
Was not prepared for the climb this, they
Tell me is life. I’ve just been here for a while,
I’ve forgotten. My memory a rotten remnant.
What the hell is this? This room had four walls
Now there’s none at all. Latch creaking. Deep
Breathing. They opened the door.


Hands rise to the surface
Side sweeping rivers of mud
The chosen ones, resurrected
Under the twilight’s pale magic,

Bodies unearthed by the mutterings
Of shamans huddled in their huts
Stealing essence and shards of
Colours from the heavenly stars,

Graves split like earthquakes,
Aftershocks shaping reality, moulding
Its thick shell in steady hands,
Desperate figures claw the fabric

Of the earth, dragons emerging
From dens, safety now thrown from
Nest to mortar, angels perched in marble
Shadow the movements of the dead,

Encased in smooth cement, fine lines
Washed away, wings taped to back,
Lowly growls and aching joints they
Shuffle towards tall iron gates, ravens

Circle overhead dropping damnation’s
With each creaking step, headstone
Silhouetted against the surging hoard,
Tattered clothes and empty wounds

Do not hinder the move towards
Freedom, masses gather until they
Become one engulfed by the flames,
Flesh knits and bones fuse in the heat

Of curses, purple mist swirling by bare
Feet, the horrendous screeching echo’s
For all to hear, the staking of originality
To provide rebirth.