The Terrible Two

It stalks forwards through
Darkness and fog, it’s very
Essence corrupt and wrong,
Paranoia and fear stand side

By side and wait in line for
Violent games and counted
Scores, desperate to leech
More safety from the hearts

Of people, unaware the very
Air they breathe in is toxic,
Until it’s too late, these games,
They’ve lost them, crackling

Laughter overhead as the
Heavens pour truth to the
Earth, just desserts, and all
The while they walk together,

Dark figures amongst the calm,
Wreaking havoc and slamming
Open doors in their wake, make
No mistake they are unstoppable,

Forces of power and might, shrink
In their presence, reel in the sight
Of such beings, they’re coming now
For those who don’t belief in them

To crush wishful thinking in their
Skeletal hands, and raise their
Bands of brothers from sleep,
War, Famine, Defeat, marching

To the beat of reality, in empty,
Forests and polluted seas, leaving
Behind memories of their travels,
Catching us in their grasps, unravelling

Rhyme and reason until our ribcages
Snap under the weight of heavy hearts,
They’ve left a head start of 30 odd paces
So run fast, run strong, you might yet make it.


Paranoia and Fear

The earth flies behind my feet
Heartbeat, beating fast, too
Fast, I’m the last one left in
This trial, jaws at my heels all
The while I run I feel their breath
On my neck, looking over my

Shoulder I check for shadows
Amongst light but the sun left
A long time ago, frost bitten
Branches catching my clothes,
They are close, pupils like planets
Scanning these lands, shaking hands

Scaling rotting bark, alone and helpless
In the dark, their footsteps echoing in
These woods, dangerously, I should
Keep pace and abandon shelter,
Darting directly into their path,
Red eyes and wicked smiles ask

My soul for surrender and quickly
Round these hundred miles into eternity
There is no escape for me, they are
Machines and are unafraid of endless
Games, lame and wounded I carry on,
Listening to the dulcet tones, songs

Of crushing fear, tears stream down
Rivers nearby and I fall into the battering
Waves, struggling for power there is
No one to blame for the weakness of
These brittle bones, they lift me high
And take me home, fingers asphyxiated

Around my throat, rising terrible notes
Screech through the silence, I am
Blinded by the undeniable clear picture
They are here, at banks edge, waiting
To sink their claws in again, I dive to the
Bottom and plead for an end but their

Holds are too strong, and bring me back
To where I belong, under attack by the
Demons with no face, and for now, we



I stood on two sides of a
River watching the water
Flow between present and
Past tense until all that was
Left were memories, the
Harsher entities of time

Clinging to life lines thrown
From one forgiving form,
The mirror of me was born
When the hands of time
Started to crack there was
No going back from such

Casualties. So, logically,
The Gods divided the panes,
Glass etched in colour the
Likeness of one another seen
As the church bells ring bringing
Another hour of devotion to a

Close, there is no home in this
House, the colder pews sit
Colder still sins washed away
In the baptism of humanity
On the day of the flood I
Watched the ark sail smoothly

Through that space and
Replace belief, replace sanity,
And she unnerves me, my
Mirror standing steel and bone
As we watch it together yet
Forever alone.


Yesterday I walked in sunlight
With my friends hand in hand
The never-ending story of victory
Playing out in our heads, tighter

Fingers and tighter love I couldn’t
Ask for much more, brothers and
Sisters bonded by such moments in
The past and I never grew but they

Didn’t surpass my expectations with
Change and instead came back and
Took me along the way by the side
Of the mountain and talked while

We walked to the beat of life, rocks
Fell and still we climbed together,
Determined to greet the next sunrise
Umbrella’s overhead shared with

Smiles, laughter like bells and whistles
Like birds, passing notes of how much
We’re worth, because sticks and stones
May break our bones but souls needs to

Be reminded every once and a while,
And I never felt so utterly alive, moonlight
On our backs our pack danced through
Darkness, lighters in our pocket and

Hearts on our sleeves, lock and keys
Rattling around necks we have no need
For them, and then it happened, breath
Puffs in the air, we didn’t care, arm in

Arm no harm was done under the
Warmth of this beautiful sun

Same Pain

It hurts. I thought it wouldn’t hurt.
Thought that with time everything
Shifts. This thing, it didn’t. I’m bleeding
Blood red all over the floors. I don’t feel

Human anymore. It hurts. What kind of
Just deserts is this? Clenched fists and
Broken teeth. What about the in-between
I’ve heard so fondly regarded. Its left its

Mark now all over my skin. Begin. Begin
Again? I’ve run circles through the starting
Line. Torn limb from limb my soul like a
Tattered flag. I lag behind. Are you surprised?

It hurts. Blurted out promises chasing me down.
Half smiles. Half frowns. I’m not proud of my
Legacy. Probability was never on my side.
Divine? I was never religious. Is this it?

Punishment? It hurts. I thought it wouldn’t hurt.