To the free spirit, I am sorry,
You dance through life and
Laughter falls easily on your
Lips, my lips are caked with

Blood, the dried laughter of
My soul, I am spiteful to you
Pirate man, you see the same
Islands in people I do but you

Are unafraid to moor, and I have
Clipped words and uninviting tones,
I do not allow strangers into my home,
These structures are weak and you brim

With joy, I am afraid of you and your
Happiness but more than this, you are
A reflection of who I could have been
Should circumstances and circumference

Mean the same thing, you sing outside in
The realm of life, I’m sorry I ever brandished
My knife for if I die in the last crescendo of
Bird song, I just ask you at least keep the
Magic alive for kindred spirits to recognise
There is much more depth to life than lies.


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