Where I Went

I’ve been gone.

Searching for where I belong, I’ve
Been listening to new songs, trying to
Reinvent myself the way I see all of my
Friends, it never-ends, trends and personalities,
All the while asking, who decides this for me?
The ultimate question like the crash wave in the
Sea, it’s clear, like the ocean, but cold like the

I am.

I am the maker of my own destiny, but somewhere
Along the line my mother forgets to tell me so I cling
To constants and consonants, and soon poetry isn’t
Nearly enough. It tough, this life, every life, I’ve been
Researching strife and gun violence has come to the
Point where I am afraid, I am afraid to be me, all the
While reminded that this is the journey I took, bare feet
In the sand, abandoning this, abandoning lists of creativity
I vowed to complete, I feel bad.

And I’ve been gone.


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