A Conversation: Calling all People!

birdsA few months back I started this poetry collaboration project called ‘A Conversation’. The aim of this project is to start a conversation between two people with the end result of a poem. I provide a line and then you provide one and on it goes! It’s on the spot, quick and easy. The only rule, each line must end in rhyme. Two examples of this can be seen already on my blog named: A Conversation: Darren Scanlon and A Conversation: Ellie Horgan.

Over the past while I’ve been distracted by other projects I’ve been working on, alongside the upkeep of Leannepoetry of course! I’d really love to see some more involvement in this project. You can message me on my facebook page, Leannepoetry, tweet me @leannepoetry07 or DM Leannepoetry on Twitter and we can work from there!

This is open to everyone and anyone! You don’t have to be a poet or ever a regular blogger! That’s half the fun! The poem will be published on my wordpress blog and advertised on my other social media. Don’t be shy and spread the word! Let’s see how many Conversation we can have! 🙂

Thanks guys!




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