Lady Marina

I put pleas in poetry
Hoping someone will
Rescue me, there are no
Sailboats on the horizon and

The shoreline is still the same,
I’m going insane, trapped out on
An island alone, waving a white flag
Of surrender, I get it, I’m irrelevant,

The world has 7 billion other people
To worry about and there aren’t enough
Row boats for every single one, but just
Once turn on the lighthouse candle and let

Me see an end to this darkness, it stretches
For miles and I’d think I was blind if not for
Speckles of stars in the sky, but they’re too
High. Unreachable. And I’m a little wave in

A large ocean of life and sometimes I forget
When there’s a still and this place grows quiet,
And I grow old, and now an old women stares
Back at me with eyes of youth and the soul of
The sea.


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