About: Me

I don’t know when I stopped
Wanting life, but I know where
It ended, the end of a glorious
Summer down by the lake, I

Counted mistakes made in my
Insignificant existence, my fingernails
Picked to pieces and my heart on
The shore I didn’t leave clues by

Your doors, under carpets or in
Houses, because we all know what
Drove me to this and I was never the
Driver, my backseat soul just couldn’t

Take the weaves and turns, the stomach
Flips and endless burns from the stereo
Exclaiming everything that was yet to
Come, I’ve taken every pill and felt the

Numb spread across my chest, like the
Seatbelt on impact, I was never blessed
By happiness, a foreign person in a golf
Cart in the middle of an ocean, and now

I’m the ocean, a lonely corpse floating
Towards the metal frame and steering
wheel, and at least this time I get to drive,
and I’ll drive behind hearse and crowds of

people who feel obliged because of some
sort of familial obligation, there will be
questions and many of which my sewed lips
cannot grant answers to, but watch out

because this was not done to you, this
was done to me and my choice shouldn’t
breed blame or rock beliefs, I was a person
once, now I am nothing, but you still breathe.


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