I like the colour red
The way it drips on rose
Petals but I don’t like roses,
Blue used to be my favourite

Colour but one time I stared at
The ocean too long, I’m indifferent
About green, everything is green,
Green just is. I like the beach and

The way the waves crash against the
Shore but I don’t like surfing or boats,
I used to run out into the tide but my
Shoes are on my feet, I don’t like the

Grain between my toes. I used to be
On the swim team until they told me
There is no ‘I’ in team, I thought that
Meant there was no place for me anymore

I don’t like thunderstorms but I like how
Lightning flashes across the sky, I used to
Watch horror movies but dad got rid of
Them like he got rid of mom, we had a

Trampoline and I used to jump very high,
Now I don’t jump anymore. I like the way
The alarm sounds in the morning but I
Dropped it and it stopped working, my friends

Bought me lollipops for my birthday but I
Don’t like them, the way I don’t like roses.


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