We Used to Fly Kites

Remember that time we
Counted to ten to see if the
Bogeymen would find us?
Well mine found me, at the

Corner of the street where we
Used to fly kites and pass the
Time talking about the future.
It all seems so bleak now, a

Raincloud over my head drenching
Me from above, I’d love to hear
Your voice and soothing tones but
After that day you left me alone, left

Me to my own devices and I didn’t
Fight it. I figured alone is where I
Was supposed to be and it took me
Weeks to drag myself to my feet again,

But, I regained my balance, like you used
To on skateboard and I removed the
Sword I fell on from my chest, but, I think
It took my heart too and it made me think
Of you and your gap tooth dreams.


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