Ramblings by Grim

Here is your life line, I’ve woven
It tight but it comes apart from time
To time, that’s added price-to
Get it repaired. Unless you don’t care,
But years are valuable desires, don’t
Hold it too close to fire, water too, try

To avoid being black and blue, you only
Get one, the unholy truth, and if it snaps
In half then you’re doomed, I’m not certified
To fix anything, no, it doesn’t matter what you
Bring, gold, copper, iron or love, you’ll have to
Take it up with the man above, I’ve got the

Premium package in store for you, pure chance,
Pure luck, and it’ll do, eighty or so odd cycles,
Avoid hills, little tip for you there, and stairs,
Your bones won’t take them by seventy-three,
By sixty-five you’ll be struck by grief, so keep
That in mind and hold onto it tight, if you don’t

You won’t make the night, I’ve got your kids one’s
in the works, yes, surprise! For whatever that’s
Worth. I think that’s all, for the while, just write your
Name. Here, on this file. Very well, now off you go,
I do look forwards to watching you grow.


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