The Liebster Award

Thanks so much to Write, Ally Write! for the nomination! So exciting! Youliebster awardr poetry is so poignant and hits right in the core, truly amazing!

The Liebster Award is for those blogs under 200 followers and is a way to embrace those in the blogging community! You can follow this link to the Official Rules- The Global Aussie

  1. Thank the person who nominated you!
  2. Display the award on your blog!
  3. Nominate bloggers you think are deserving of the award!
  4. Let the bloggers know you nominated them!
  5. Answer the 11 questions you have been given!
  6. Give 11 questions of your own!

Ally’s questions!

What inspires your writing pieces?
I take a lot of what life has given me and morph it into creativity. A lot of the time I imagine situations played out in my head like a movie scene and write about them from a certain perspective.

Do you see yourself still writing next 5 years?
Definitely! I would be crushed if I couldn’t write anymore!

How do you make yourself happy?
Surrounding myself with friends and family and seeking out challenges in everyday life.

How often do you think of death?
More often than I should, I like to remind myself that everything we have is fleeting and that we should appreciated it while we can!

Natures or buildings?
Nature, can’t beat it!

What would you do if you are facing a mugger right now?
Talk to them calmly and try to rationalize. If they want my stuff, give it to them. What’s a few cards you can cancel and an ID anyway, right?

Choose one. The ability to fly, breath underwater, pass through walls or invisible?
Breath underwater, how amazing would that be!

Preferred drinks for your breakfast?
Lemon water

Do you believe in colors can brighten up your mood?
Of course!

Do you have a dark mind somewhere inside?
My dark mind spills out into my poetry and that’s where I like to keep it-trapped in the words and not in my head!

What do you want to tell yourself right now?
Nothing in life is easy so keep working for it!

My nominations!

  1. Monochrome Nightmares
  2. Grant Krick 
  3. keithgarrettpoetry
  4. bigbanglifeasweseeit
  5. ailsacawley

Apologies if you in fact have more than 200 followers, it is quite difficult to find!

11 questions!

  1. What would you do if you were told you could never write again?
  2. Has there ever been a piece of writing you’ve struggled with?
  3. Where do you get your inspiration?
  4. What prompted you to share your work online?
  5. How much of yourself personally do you put into your writing?
  6. Have you ever had fears sharing work online?
  7. Any literary role models?
  8. Biggest achievement with your blog?
  9. How do you go about writing a new piece?
  10. Any other creative hobbies?
  11. Favourite thing about writing?

Hope you guys have fun with this!




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