Old Soul

God. I’m cold, such an old soul
Waiting for the warm of the fire,
Desire takes over in irrelevant ways,
Like food choice and dress choice and

Paper versus plates, I like old music,
Classical songs, no words and no singing
Along, I like peace and quiet, books and
Rhyme, I profess my worldly crimes of

Falling in love with simpler times, simply
Wanting a simpler life, simply wanting,
Simpler strife, because these days every
Argument is clouded with technology, the

Ability to hone the attacks when the person
Isn’t there, it’s not fair to hurl bricks through
Church windows but people do it anyway,
Over living their stays when they should have

Packed and been on their way centuries ago,
Life should be slow, a nice meander, full of
Conversation and banter and not fleeting
Connections through cyber space, me? No,
I have no space for this in my world, come
Join me a while, come rediscover worth.


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