Set Her Free

Selfish people, you dig your claws
In to your child and prevent her from
Flying, tie her down with expectations
And self-worth hurtling like a comet to

Outer space, where’s her place? Her love
Has been won by another but you are
Traditionalists, you won’t allow for this
And I see her struggle with happiness and

Compromise, the tear stained coffee eyes
And no surprise, everything she has ever
Wanted falls to the way side, dictators
Are you happy with her broken tries? He

Makes her happy, makes her laugh, a sound
I haven’t heard since last century, where’s
The mystery in that? Where the abomination
With true love, just because you never had

Enough, now you steal your child’s too? I
Want to scream until I’m black and blue but
Sown ears hear nothing at all, since we were
Small, our cries have fallen silent but not this

Time, do not take this away too, you will lose
This battle of spite and rage, she will be freed
From her cage, already she inches back to the
Metal bars, this goes too far and I am not just

A spectator, I’ll take her place for her, go on,
Tie me down, I’ve enough strength to make it

Out, while she has enough love to go the distance.


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