I tattooed six plain letters across
My skin, a reminder of what
I might have been had circumstances
Changed, life rearranged, in an order

That makes some way of sense, I’ve
Never been so irrelevant to myself
Before and that’s a terrifying thing,
An impossible sin, I’ve forgotten the

Face of the cool reflection, I avoid
Detection, even from myself and I,
I am not surprised to find blood on
These knuckles, I’ve always been a

Bleeding heart, right from the start
When my lungs filled with air, and
My pockets filled with money, lonely
Is what I am, and not in a temporary

Kind of space, I face lonely on an every
Day basis, my shadow, my enemy, my
Friend, it never ends, and when lonely
Tottered in, these letters teetered out,

So I forced them back the only way I
Knew how, with sessions of pain and ink
I force the words to sink into my bones,
But still, I’ve never felt so alone.



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