Quiet, please!

Plates crash, spoons clank and
I am not surprised to hear you
React with profanity and rage,
Act your age, I am tired of sharp

Inhalation of breath, of boom,
Smash, nothing is left, the wake
Of destruction like a hurricane,
Shit. Fuck. Don’t say anything,

Don’t turn the spotlight on
Yourself, survival here is all about
Stealth. Jesus Christ. He doesn’t
Answer, never has and never will,

I wish that I could foot the bill so
You’d get some clarity from above,
But God wore gloves when handling
You, contamination of the species,

Black and blue from hurtled abuse,
My vocabulary was pure once, I’m
Sure, but environment walked in the
Door and, Christ. Well he walked out.

Scream and shout like a tortured child,
Red in the face, I am blind, like mom,
I sing songs to block it out, and close
My eyes, focus on the melody and

Create a space inside my head, the
Quietest day of my whole life, will be

The one where you are dead.


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