The Coalmine

Follow the light. The light?
Is this the force that shines?
The clairvoyant bribe from God,
Or is it fire? Red hot coal hands

Cradling children to the man of
Embers, a fiery temper and wicked
Ways. Is it in the stars or the home
Of the brave, the people saved? I

Cannot find it, this light. Newer tunnels
Have electrical light, man-made light,
Home brewed brightness, is this light?
The Light? Your Light? I can’t cast it from

My mind, your commandment number eleven
Overshadowed by its predecessors,
Professors preach you are not real
Their hearts beat of steel, empty echoes

In a lecture theater, if peeled away is it
Inside? Pulsating wonderful rays of discovery,
Why won’t you answer me? I can’t find it,
Is it gone? Am I right? What do I follow now,
If there is no light?


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