I want to sit here for a while and
Listen to the rain, forget about
The pain of being alive and thrive
In the calm, life is at the palm of my

Hand and my fingers twitch in an urge
To crush it, I want to press pause, and
Love it, love this moment, there is a
Limit to overcast skies and heavens

Tears, there is a limit to years too,
I am unafraid and that’s the power
Of the rain against window frames,
Mirroring my existence in its cold

Physicality, my reality is knocking
On the door to my room but there
Is no room for it here, not now. In
A while I will rise and taper the blinds,

I’ll turn off the quiet and reintroduce
My mind to reality. I will open the door
To the waging war outside and put on
My battle hardy soul, but for now I

Want to be left alone. Just me and
The rain, forgetting everything.
Swaying in unconditioned time,
Nursery rhymes and happy hour
All rolled into one, nestled on the
Palm of my hands, like the rain has done.


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