World. This world is plagued with a
Disease, the dis-satisfaction with such
Mediocre existents, the ruination of
Mankind, what constitutes worthwhile,

Dulcet tones, angry tones, breaking bones
With words and furiosity, rage is not a
Solution, rage is the catalyst to destruction
Of relationships, of lives, you people are

Hacking with knives, appreciation is dead
Laid waste by distaste, you want rainbows
But will not recognise the colours when they
Stand alone, I want a rainbow that does not

Bend in fear, that does not disappear because
Of riots and torches and engulfing disease,
We live precariously based off of needs, I have
A need for gratitude but you’re destroying all

The times that matter and soon nothing will
Matter and the world is shattering, fragments
Here and there, no one cares, my faith is not
Shaken. It is gone, you have killed this too.


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