I reported battery of the psyche
But no one would believe me,
Words, they said, don’t sting when
Hurled from paternal instinct, how

Would they feel if I hurled myself from
The chimney top, if I set the clock on
Count down, they say, don’t be absurd,
Attention seekers follow the herd and I’m just

Another sheep. I can’t sleep. My brain has
Been violated with verbal slurs, self-worth
Sees a therapist, I am irrelevant, they had
Me for the hell of it, accident. Abomination.

I ruined the walls of this home with infants
Hands, I ruined the floors of this home with
Broken landings, I ruined lives with simply being
Here. Enough, crocodile tears. I reported battery

Of the psyche but no one would believe me.
Incidents need investigation, the detective is
My father’s childhood friend, files have fallen
Into the shredder, this case is at an end, I pack

My suitcase in the night and steal car keys from
The display, I never learned to drive but I have to
Get away, my mother is passed out on the couch,
The image of a survivor chipped away, I cannot stay
In these toxic rooms, I reported battery of the psyche

 There’s nothing we can do.



2 thoughts on “Abrasions

  1. So I wrote a really long comment, trying to put my finger on what I’m trying to say, I’ve deleted it. I guess all i want to say is, This poem, however melancholic, is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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