They opened the door.
Chains rattled and clanked
Terrified, I don’t know what for
Sunlight grazing wooden floors
Paralyzed like an infant child
Watching with saucer eyes
The pressure finally subsides
And I see trees

Just trees. Fluttering in the
Breeze. Butterflies. I take my
Time, crawl hands and knees
And wait. Demise and Life on
Alternating sides I’ve only known
One and surprise is not the visitor
Late at night. It’s fear. Fear that
They finally opened up that door
And the world beyond is an alien
Thing, I’d rather be back at the brink
Of never being free. Then be
Overwhelmed with possibilities

I was done. Counting hours and marking
Days, convincing myself I’d run far away
To a castle, this castle is a tower and I
Was not prepared for the climb this, they
Tell me is life. I’ve just been here for a while,
I’ve forgotten. My memory a rotten remnant.
What the hell is this? This room had four walls
Now there’s none at all. Latch creaking. Deep
Breathing. They opened the door.


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