The Terrible Two

It stalks forwards through
Darkness and fog, it’s very
Essence corrupt and wrong,
Paranoia and fear stand side

By side and wait in line for
Violent games and counted
Scores, desperate to leech
More safety from the hearts

Of people, unaware the very
Air they breathe in is toxic,
Until it’s too late, these games,
They’ve lost them, crackling

Laughter overhead as the
Heavens pour truth to the
Earth, just desserts, and all
The while they walk together,

Dark figures amongst the calm,
Wreaking havoc and slamming
Open doors in their wake, make
No mistake they are unstoppable,

Forces of power and might, shrink
In their presence, reel in the sight
Of such beings, they’re coming now
For those who don’t belief in them

To crush wishful thinking in their
Skeletal hands, and raise their
Bands of brothers from sleep,
War, Famine, Defeat, marching

To the beat of reality, in empty,
Forests and polluted seas, leaving
Behind memories of their travels,
Catching us in their grasps, unravelling

Rhyme and reason until our ribcages
Snap under the weight of heavy hearts,
They’ve left a head start of 30 odd paces
So run fast, run strong, you might yet make it.


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