Paranoia and Fear

The earth flies behind my feet
Heartbeat, beating fast, too
Fast, I’m the last one left in
This trial, jaws at my heels all
The while I run I feel their breath
On my neck, looking over my

Shoulder I check for shadows
Amongst light but the sun left
A long time ago, frost bitten
Branches catching my clothes,
They are close, pupils like planets
Scanning these lands, shaking hands

Scaling rotting bark, alone and helpless
In the dark, their footsteps echoing in
These woods, dangerously, I should
Keep pace and abandon shelter,
Darting directly into their path,
Red eyes and wicked smiles ask

My soul for surrender and quickly
Round these hundred miles into eternity
There is no escape for me, they are
Machines and are unafraid of endless
Games, lame and wounded I carry on,
Listening to the dulcet tones, songs

Of crushing fear, tears stream down
Rivers nearby and I fall into the battering
Waves, struggling for power there is
No one to blame for the weakness of
These brittle bones, they lift me high
And take me home, fingers asphyxiated

Around my throat, rising terrible notes
Screech through the silence, I am
Blinded by the undeniable clear picture
They are here, at banks edge, waiting
To sink their claws in again, I dive to the
Bottom and plead for an end but their

Holds are too strong, and bring me back
To where I belong, under attack by the
Demons with no face, and for now, we



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