Yesterday I walked in sunlight
With my friends hand in hand
The never-ending story of victory
Playing out in our heads, tighter

Fingers and tighter love I couldn’t
Ask for much more, brothers and
Sisters bonded by such moments in
The past and I never grew but they

Didn’t surpass my expectations with
Change and instead came back and
Took me along the way by the side
Of the mountain and talked while

We walked to the beat of life, rocks
Fell and still we climbed together,
Determined to greet the next sunrise
Umbrella’s overhead shared with

Smiles, laughter like bells and whistles
Like birds, passing notes of how much
We’re worth, because sticks and stones
May break our bones but souls needs to

Be reminded every once and a while,
And I never felt so utterly alive, moonlight
On our backs our pack danced through
Darkness, lighters in our pocket and

Hearts on our sleeves, lock and keys
Rattling around necks we have no need
For them, and then it happened, breath
Puffs in the air, we didn’t care, arm in

Arm no harm was done under the
Warmth of this beautiful sun


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