I stood on two sides of a
River watching the water
Flow between present and
Past tense until all that was
Left were memories, the
Harsher entities of time

Clinging to life lines thrown
From one forgiving form,
The mirror of me was born
When the hands of time
Started to crack there was
No going back from such

Casualties. So, logically,
The Gods divided the panes,
Glass etched in colour the
Likeness of one another seen
As the church bells ring bringing
Another hour of devotion to a

Close, there is no home in this
House, the colder pews sit
Colder still sins washed away
In the baptism of humanity
On the day of the flood I
Watched the ark sail smoothly

Through that space and
Replace belief, replace sanity,
And she unnerves me, my
Mirror standing steel and bone
As we watch it together yet
Forever alone.


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