Weariness Walks these bones

Daylight sounds the alarm,

The world is moving but I
Am not yet ready for this,
Clenched fists and battered
Teeth, on the precipice I walk
Between awake and asleep,
Wishing floorboards were

Made of mattress and sinking
Ships would leave my chest,
There’s no rest for the wicked
But I am not, I have been told
By strangers these better truths
But strangers are all they are,

Blue moon stares at wide eyes
Counting seconds until the sunrise
I scream in darkness as to not
Interrupt the light, mulling over
The long hauled fight to the surface
Of consciousness they tell me I

Have to get up, bones like a graveyard
Rattle in resistance, I have had enough,
Broken heart and mind these covers
Blind reality, shield me from further
Harm, ripped away, always ripped away,
I’m tripping over yesterday and the

Realisation that every day is yesterday
I want to sink like a puddle and hide
Behind the reflection of myself, just
For a while, I plead, for a while, but
No heed is taken in my circumstance
Instead I am forced to walk these lands,

Haphazardly in the chaos of my own
Mind, not one person gives me the
Time to readjust, I must fulfill the needs

Of a society, even if it kills me.


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