The Hangmans Note

I am terrified and there
Is no safety in my home,
My bones are quaking but
The fear is silent, lying under

The dulcet tones of the television
My mind casts me into a revision
Of kinds, all the things there is
To lose come morning light, I

Have crawled day in and day
Out hoping for the freedom
That only a thin veiled envelope
Can address, there is no rest

Tonight. Every time I close my eyes
Demons stalk from darkened
Shadows, I am afraid to know
The contents of the post, all

The waiting devoted to this
Moment, sometimes I think
I would rather die, sleep peacefully
Under God drawn stars and never

Have to face the odds again, I
Am tired, I am frightened, and
There is no love in my mothers
Arms, there is no love in my

Mothers heart, my carer is me,
And has been for centuries, but
Even I know this is something I
Cannot cure, and behind that

Door lies the truth. Brutal. Served
Up on a punchline either stealing
Or receiving pride, it is everything
And exaggeration is not the aim

Of this game, its plain bold true,
Letters making words, words
Making sentences, sentences
Having the power to destroy

Every foundation I’ve scavenged,
And as for me? I am a corporal
Form, curled up under my bed
The only place I could get to

Before the mortars fell from
The sky, the thing about the
Future is its not defined, and
I would lie here forever if I

Could but like kitten under car
Hood the exhausts would drive
Me away, I was born with the
Poisons in my bloodstream, a

New kind of disease I had never
Of heard of, I am the experiment
And there is no control, I have no
Control. Cauldron boil and

Bubble, each day is the same,
Save for tomorrow, tomorrow
Brings relief or tomorrow brings
Pain, so I load my gun and sit in

The porch with a childhood torch
Grasped in my hands, tomorrow
Will bring silence, or a low muffled


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