The Dance

Every now and then fear
Taps me on the shoulder
And we begin the dance
Across stage, bad days

Mould into one and I’m
Trading souls for some
Peace of mind, mine was
Stolen when fear found me

The first time, a long time
Nemesis, I’ve studied genesis
But it doesn’t explain the aim
Of this game, the to and fro of

The saw, skin rubbed raw and
Droplets of blood marking our
Trail, the number of times I’ve
Wanted to bail out surmount

The number of times I’ve tried
Because fear catches me in its
Arms and I fail to get away, it
Draws me in close-a calculated

Play, leaping and jumping and
Spinning, it’s winning, it always
Wins, our hands glued together
And feet nailed to the floor, every

Door I’ve ever seen slowly begins
To dissipate, my mistake, I thought
I would escape and the dance is
Endless, it’s breath is on my throat,

A ballad is devoted to my name,
I’m going insane trapped in these
Walls, these recital halls and the
Curtain never closes, never has,

In all of my time here, feet numb
And body stiff, the numerous lifts
In the wake of an empty crowd,
There is no sound, only the scuffle

Of fear and I, the battle of wills
A fight to survive.


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