Life Happened

Somewhere down the line
Life changed, we aged and
Past mistakes became cringe
Worthy memories, the serenity

Of youth paved the way for a
New kind of experience, the
Discovery of our existence, the
Existence of man, and holding

Hands is more of a ritual than
Rumours, tumours grow and
Shrink and sometimes being
Brought to the brink doesn’t

Mean certain death, just worse
Moments in the history of your
Life, pain and strife, the monsters
Of old walk side by side and boldly

Go where no man has gone before
Jarred doors are best left locked
And there’s no point watching
The arms of the clock, they turn

Too quickly, for anyone to see,
Self-belief blossoms like flowers
In the spring and funeral bells
Ring, sounding the gathering of

Faces mere strangers over the
Years bonded by tears and grief,
Another worse moment to defeat
Perspective sneaks up week after

Week until the rocking chairs begin
To creak and somewhere down
The line we grew old, like a gun
Not yet fired, one shot shapes

The mould.


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