Our blood is unique, the
Way we speak and old
Memories aligning for us
To reminisce, we were

Blessed to be born within
Mere years, share lessons
And tears and screaming
Fights, the ‘buts’, ‘ifs’, ‘maybes’

Might cross lines but everything
Is forgiven in time, born of the
Same mother we wouldn’t
Trade another for the sun

And together we dance under
The lights of the moon, adulthood
Comes to soon and visits are like
Stepping stones, jagged and

Interrupted, clutching onto
Hours once cupped in our tiny
Hands, sandcastles get washed
Away by the shoreline we stand

A row of well-fed misfits, sunscreen
And dipping toes to whiter seas,
Goodbyes crossing lips too easily
But you will always be family.


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