Float Up, Tied Down.

I hang onto balloons
Floating to reach the sun
Concrete weights hug my
Spine, my feet, lifeline

Stretching across galaxy’s
The very fabric of my skin
Taunt and ripping until
Bones creak and joints ache

Counting each breath, I take,
As a victory, the mystery of
Life unravelling by my feet,
As my sanity unravels to the

Beat of the hangman’s drum,
Each syllable screaming. You.
Are. Done. My star sign is Libra,
The scales of justice and inside

The wires snap, metal plating
Tearing through-lies weaving
Their way to the surface, my
Surface is a landscapes full of

Diggers and scrap, mapping
High rise buildings on my flesh
Until there is hardly anything left
The string tears in my palms and

I am muttering psalms, watching
The minutes slip by. Snap. Crash.
Bang. Watch it fly.


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