A brightness that cannot bespectrum poster
Seen crossing thresholds of
The galaxy in the vision of
Stars, the headlights on the

Hundred cars on the highway,
The colour of sunflowers in
The spring, the light in everything,
Swinging above heads in stores

And shops, the intensity of which
Makes us stop and ponder in
Curiosity, it impeaches our ability
To see, for split seconds, still,

An eternity passes in the blink
Of an eye, the essence of Christmas
Lights and candle flame, bold and
Memorable, the very nature of its

Name spoken slowly, like a lullaby,
Brings warmth and adventure to
The bone an awareness in the face
Of its tone, in fireflies and aging

Bones, bitterness in lemons and
Tailored clothes, the length towards
Lead and little canaries perched on
End, overlooking playgrounds and

Buses parked round the end,
The ivory tusks of elephants, the
Tone and texture of the soul,
Nestled amongst the blocks of

Coal raging to life, the wedding
Ring, husband and wife, the golden
Thread, the pocket watch of ticking
Time, the decorative bell jar, the

Long lasting chime of its notes.


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