Strong and unwavering, yetspectrum poster

Softly spoken, a token of peace
And substance of power, towers
Reach for the skies radiating the
Mask of your disguise, flower petals

Raining from the heaven in your
Dulcet tones, the bones of our
Forefathers wrapped in silken robes,
Royalty at its finest, your highest

Point in history splashed across the
Pages, mystery dropped inside your
Tight hold, warm and motherly, the
Mould of a nation of carers, ivory

Webs spread across your holding,
Mother earth and hair dye, the
Life of a diver surrounded by scales
Of sea creatures and wine, poisons

And life all balanced precariously
Trapped in your murky depths,
Vibrant and unforgiving, yet alive,
Noticeable in the storms, but

Wanes on the power of thunder,
The perfect background for high
Tide and low rise buildings bruise
The sky, from lead, to lens and stained

Glassed houses your profoundness stands
Amongst it all, tall and wide, binding
Laces and amethyst, reveling in the
Projection of your voice, the noise,

Glittering like quartz.


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