Locked and loaded in these spectrum poster
Veins, the result of pain and
Fear, deer’s caught in headlights
And the jagged sun, flashes of

Crimson while we run for our
Lives, caught in the fight waves
Of it flow over our minds, and
Terrorize the small parts of our

Souls, the places we are taught
Never to go, loud and daunting
A broken nose, warning bells
And machines communicating

Error in tones and bleeps, the
Transcendence between sleep
And nightmares, where holding
On and not giving cares are skewed,

The tone of the news, explosions,
And war, the colour of unopened
Doors, pools filling deep with
Death and despair, playing with

Hair and breathless laughter,
Heart beat and princess plasters,
Roses and declarations of love,
Strong and dominant, painting

Doves with letters and the flesh
Of a new born child, ladybirds
And butterflies, old telephones
And final goodbyes.


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