Old endings and new beginningsspectrum poster
Rolled continuously into one,
Possibility’s and adventure, days
Spent under the sun at waters

Edge, the pledge for better, to
Better times, light bulbs and laugh
Lines, flowers blooming in the snow
The feeling of safety, of secrets

Known, shared between a person
Of the same shade, where nothing
Ever has to change and the moment
Is long, no matter the location a

Presence of belonging settled on
The shoulders of those long from
Home, the sound waves from the
Phone and the voices on the other

Side, stretched smiles and endless
Pride, a mirror painted across the
Clouds, soft and warm from sun up,
To sun down, stopping you in your

Tracks with the impossible task
Of surmounting to such a thing,
The signal for when nature sings
And the sounds heard echoed

Throughout the lands, a tender
Touch, joined hands, mapping
Out new-born plans, the tone
That forgives mistakes, that makes

You question your place and all the
While breaks monotony and suspends
Everything in the finality of the rays
The beauty and message to be taken

Away, a cherished hug and memorable
Way of letting closed wings fly to reach

Up towards the glowing sky


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