Forgotten and left to lie amongstspectrum poster
The patches of green in the garden,
Your calming influence radiates over
All else who grow, tinting the skies

When snowfall is on the horizon,
Peeping through the different
Time zones rising in early morning
Your call to collect is echoed by

The sound of alarms, harvest time
At the farms and wrapping of
Favoured chocolate bars, the
Tone of peace and lavender,

Soothing the soul, flirting with
Secrets yet to be told, ensconced
On the tip top of a rainbow,
Subtle but treasured all the same

Scooping loneliness in a soothing
Embrace, there is no race, even
Paced steps, and reflection of
Sunlight, bathing bird feathers,

Beautiful sights to behold, the
Smell of old and ancient things,
Amethyst set in rings and stones,
Threads wrapping around our bones

Under skins neatly set folds, water
Lapping by the lily pads, the after
Tone of the sadness set in the heart,
Glimmering lightly in the dark, leaving

A softly kissed mark, the colour of home.


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