The skin of the earth weavedspectrum poster
Between natures lungs, sprinkled
With dew and fresh beginnings,
Fawns finding their feet and

Meaning among the herd, the
Songs of birds floating through
The air, reality’s stairs from the
The essence of its existence,

Covering the distance of hundreds
Of miles, worldwide, the colour
Flecked in eyes almost like an
After thought, a woods wrought

With unknown creatures and magical
Beings, the most unpleasant and
Snide of feelings, narrowed glances
And backlashes, sins of man and

Design of God, leaping frog’s over
Silent rivers tinged with its tone
The feeling of natural growth,
Swinging vines and collapsed

Homes, dens of foxes and woodland
Forms, hanging invitations at their
Doors, the crippled forests all laid
Bare and screaming for retribution,

The execution of man, the essence
Of plants and flower buds, alligators
And their sons playing in the earthen
Mud, the relaxation of the wild, the

Taming of endless kinds of flora and
Faun, and the lightness they’ve brought
To the plains, the tempo of Earth,
The unbridled change.


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