Dripping in mourning timespectrum poster
The last encounter in life,
Waves wash remnants away,
The denial of adoration, fate’s

Blue strings hanging limply in
Hands, the absence of bodies
And empty seats, the covers
Of children and tax receipts,

The ebb and flow of reality,
Responsibility thrown onto
The laps of the young, the
Last words sung by the coffins

Side, the slide and slip of right
Into wrong, the endless storm
And the heavens tear of joy
And sadness, mixed together

Until it is not recognised, wide
Eyes, of a common kind, finding
Trust in a hit and run on the open
Road, leaving home, losing hope

To the waves of the ocean,
Commotion in the middle of the
Calm, last rights and soft psalms
Bluebells and the last dance,

Music from main street and
Empty prams, little dogs found
Abandoned in the cold, cool,
Collected, the stories of old,

Facing the world, all alone.


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