I felt it yesterday, normalcy,
A break in the disease of living,
Comfort settled in these bones
And I wasn’t left alone in my head

Anymore, the voices before me
Were caught by pricked ears and
The years of non-compliance drifted
Away I was safe in my body, this

Rotting mess of infertile lands, these
Shaking hands, and trembling frame
Melted away and the world was drawn
In soft pastels, colour, I could tell the

Difference from the once frayed edge
Now forming straight lines, the work
Of the divine, this was living, I watched
Lips move and form words and worries

Dim like stars in day, rocketing illness
Away, like a new born fawn I crippled
Half in age and marvelled at the wonders
Of these golden paces, not weaving

Through grief and picking misery from
My clothes, rejuvenated, lively, roses
Falling from the heaven their thorns
Torn desperately away, I wanted to

Skip and jump and salvage memories,
Pave the way for the impossibilities set
Before me, this was the result of giving,
Life, giving years, giving pain on silver

Platters, now it didn’t matter, because
This is it.

This is LIVING.


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