I am in a room and these
Walls are closing in, there
Is darkness inside and I battle
The din inside my mind, losing

Sides of past and future collide
And I lie among the wrecking
Screaming for help and I feel
The ghosts of memories slide

Between the space underneath
The door, my bones are heavy
And sore from crawling through
The pain and forcing heart to beat

Day after day, just let me out, there
Is doubt in my plea and I hope
Successfully the hinges will break
Under the low baritone my voice

Makes, days without water and
Food the mood is embroidered
With grief and I can hear the keys
On the other side, jingling tauntingly

My pride bursts and blood floods
All over the floor, I don’t know how
Much more I can take, if only I had
The strength to rise up and see, I

Could tackle them down and pry
The key from cold hands, find my
Way through empty corridors and
Stumble towards the blinding light,

What a beautiful sight, that would be.


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