A Hopeless Journey

There is an empty seat on
The bus, weathered from the
Years, holding back tears she
Grapples her school bag close

To her chest, wondering why
She’s not like the rest of them,
Why her silence never breaks
She never gets to recount funny

Stories and mistakes and feel like
Maybe that’s all she was made to
Be, a blip on the radars, and
Unsuccessfully she tries to

Proposition invitations, passing
Station to station, the harshest
Sting are the standing passengers,
Who never ask her about her day,

Make small talk just to file minutes
Off of this mute suffering, the
Internet is still buffering and her
Phone falls to her lap, logically the

Map of her life should be redrawn
She’s sawed away the tracks she
Was given until there is nothing
But road, and endlessly she goes

Traveling on this rickety old machine
Wishing someday she will be seen
Like everyone else, her face melts
Red as the people unload but she

Remains seated, in her hope that
The empty seat won’t remain, that
Someone will happen to undo all
Of her pain, but the wheels keep turning

And she is alone.


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