My Planted Bones

I am stuck in mud and
Cannot get out, the harder
I pull the more I fall down
Into the hands of a power
I will not fight, a demon
Of another kind, promises

And soft words do not work
And the creatures lurking
Here are waiting to pounce
I do not count the hours for
Fear of numeracy, that this
Mundane existence is my

One and only destiny, I
Have given up on questioning
Everything and my still form
Forms an angel in the earth
Counteracting value with
Worth I sink now into the

Inevitable end and crossing
Arms over chest in a symbol
Of surrender I wait, for the
Waves to overtake my body
And my lungs to fill with soil,
To feel heartbeat, weaken and

My blood boils inside this suit
But I was never offered another
Under the cover of night I see
The stars, shining so brightly
If only within reach but so far
Away they live, I would do

Anything to join them once
Again and have redemption
Sung throughout the heavens
Feel the finality in these aching
Bones, and murmur well wishes
Reaching towards home.


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