Store under 25°C

She asked with silken words
Where I keep my emotions
So I pulled out the box from
Under my bed, out of sight
Out of mind, as the good men
Once said, the contents are

Spilling messily over the side
And I hold it far from chest
Afraid they’ll creep back inside
And batter my heart, it only just
Learned to walk again, she nods
And asks quietly about the pen

Marks on the sides, lesser times
In my life, I replied, sometimes I
Had to drown depression with
Anger and allow jealousy to
Drive for a while, on the days I
Couldn’t feel my feet, in some

Ways, I admit, chronicles of my
Defeat, and the drawings, covering
The lid? Just something I did to
Add a little colour and life, to
Remind myself happiness is locked
Inside too, and a memo to take it for

Walks in the sunshine and rain, on
Occasion, the screws are loose, she
Notes, the time I had to devote to
Fixing it was far too taxing, practice
For holding things together but it fell
Apart a few times too many, so the

Cement? Yes, the solution, she’s
Dropping penny’s for thoughts and
I’m scooping them readily, she pauses
And hands it back to me, wiping the
Stickiness on her suit leg, and I push
It back under my bed to ferment in

The shadows, god knows if they grow
They’ll take me over, head to toe.


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