Stardust and Soil

She wears darkness like a
Perfume, it lingers on her
Neck checking her pulse and
Feeling the inhuman beat to

Her soul, an old deity cast
Into the body of a child, bare
Feet she walks funeral grounds
Desperate for conversation with

Lips she recognizes, statues hover
Overhead, carrying messages to
The other side, other girls wear
White dresses and walk with flowers

In their hands, she sees the stalks
And the thorns, and how they bleed
Purity onto those sensible shoes,
She is a wild creature amongst a

Stitched and sown society, derogatory
The monotone to existence, she’s not
Sure she can fix this brokenness, these
Demons leaking to the outside, her

Friends are the moon and vaporous
Clouds, silent and brooding spelling
Imminence and secrets in wistful
Sighs, her eyes are full of unshed

Tears, and years of regret are bundled
And packaged under this skin, she
Is a woman of another time when
Prim and proper were open seams

And originality was the defining
Plot point to character, how she
Misses those days and sounds
Of familiar voices, now all safely

Bundled under layers of softened soil
Caskets of nature and star dust.


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