There is inspiration in this
Flower pot, the seed and
That rock over there you just
Have to care enough to see the

Lines that age them, metaphorical
Cages and feel the letters in the
Air waiting to be written, nestled
In pens spring, safely smitten

With their new holdings, and from
Smouldering rays of the sun,
No day is dull, you can find
Vibrancy is even the most

Faded of skies, just open your
Eyes and evaluate, the whispering
Clouds, climbing bugs and ships bows
Drawn in the lightest violet shade,

Don’t blame inspiration for being
Shy without having the decency
To make your move before it makes
Theirs, fair is fair and tipping the

Scales in your favour isn’t going
To introduce the bitter flavours
Designed to challenge your mind,
We would not see the new colours

Or feel the surprise if, occasionally,
We did not blur the lines and make
Our own shapes out of discarded
Scrap metal or paper plates, forget

Destiny and fate, feel the sentences
Break apart and tumble into opened
hearts, it’s there, resting on your palms
Floating willingly under your command

And the questions you have asked,
Where is it? Inspiration? Just
Open your hands, your foundation
Is built.


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